Andrew Culverwell – Born (Again)

1975 (10 Tracks) 1. All The Way 2. Born Again 3. He Had It Planned Long Ago 4. He Really Has Set Me Free 5. If I Created You 6. My Name Is John 7. There’s No Sitting On The Fence 8. Through Some Other Eyes 9. Trust In Me 10. You Gotta Walk

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  1. Charlene Swanson Says:

    I listened to Andrew Culverwell in the 70’s. I loved his lyrics and music. I am looking for all the words to a song with these lyrics … “If I live, well praise the Lord. If I die, well praise the Lord. If I live or die, my only cry is Jesus revealed in me … ”

    Can you find this for me?

    Also, where can I get this on LP as I still have a LP turntable. Or, is there a CD of this and other songs?


  2. David R. Wood Says:

    I’m not sure if this is it or not but I learned it:
    If I live well, praise the Lord and if I die, well, praise the Lord.
    If I live or die, my only cry will be, Jesus and me, Praise the Lord!
    (we used to do this as a chorus repeated faster and faster accomp. with a guitar with a group of Jr/Sr. high youth back in the mid 70’s)

  3. Valerian Albuquerque Says:

    Can you provide lyrics of Trus in me. Thanks

  4. David Strawn Says:

    Ray Hildebrand wrote and performed that song. I’m looking for a recording too.

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