Lets have some fun

I did something like this on my last site, so let’s try it again….with a twist. Look over the website and pick your 5 favorite recordings from what I have posted. Then give me 1 extra that I don’t have posted. This way people can learn about great music that they were not familiar with & I can see what you’re looking for. Please leave your favorite in this format. Artist – Album / Genre. (CCM, Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop , CHR, Folk, Adult contemporary) All Christian of course.

Here are mine.

5 Favorite from site:
Dion – Velvet and Steel / CCM
Phil Keaggy – Sunday’s Child / Christian Hit Radio
Fireworks – Live Fireworks / Christian Rock
WhiteHeart – Vital Signs / Christian Rock
Randy Stonehill – Can’t Buy a Miracle / CCM

1 I’d like to see:
Farrell & Farrell (But they won’t let me) sorry


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  1. John Casey Says:

    Five Favs
    1. AD—Art of the State
    2. Steve camp—It’s a Dying World
    3. Russ Taff—Medals
    4. Randy Stonehill—Love beyond Reason
    5. DeGarmo & Key—-Streetlight

    Like to See
    1. Sacred Warrior—Rebellion & Master’s Command

  2. Oceancider Says:

    This was hard (too many choices!). I would have preferred 10+2 instead of 5+1:

    Five Favs
    Koinonia – More Than a Feeling / Jazz
    Morgan Cryar – Keep No Secrets / Pop
    Dogwood – After the Flood, Before the Fire / CHR
    Sweet Comfort Band – Sweet Comfort / CHR
    Cliff Richard – Walking in the Light / CHR

    Like to See
    1. John Fischer – Inside

  3. David Acosta Says:

    5 Favorites on this site:

    1. David Meece – I Just Call on You (all-time favorite album)
    2. Morgan Cryar – Keep No Secrets
    3. Leslie (Sam ) Phillips – The Turning
    4. Billy Sprague – Serious Fun
    5. DeGarmo & Key – Communication

    (But I also love all of the Russ Taff albums!)

    Would like to see:

    David Meece – Front Row

  4. Wayne Says:

    01. Geoff Moore – Where Are The Other Nine [CCM]
    02. Phil Keaggy – Love Broke Thru [CCM Rock]
    03. Whiteheart – Don’y wait For The Movie [CCM Rock]
    04. Allies – Long Way From Paradise [CCM Rock]
    05. Koinonia – More Than A Feelin’ [CCM]

    I’d like to see: Bryan Duncan – Now & Then

  5. Daryl Says:

    01. Larry Norman – Only Visiting This Planet
    02. Randy Stonehill – Equator
    03. Brown Bannister – Talk to One Another
    04. Leslie Phillips – The Turning
    05. The Seventy Sevens – Ping Pong Over the Abyss

    Would really appreciate…
    Steve Camp – Start Believin’

    And would love to have a good copy of Billy Sprague – What a Way to Go
    The copy you have is only a 32bitrate

    Once again Chris, thanx for the site

  6. Steve Says:

    1. Phil Keaggy – Way Back Home
    2. Keith Green – So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt
    3. Randy Stonehill – Equator
    4. DeGarmo & Key – Communication
    5. The Talbot Brothers – Reborn

    I would like to see music posted by The Imperials, no specific album since not much is available that I have seen.

  7. ocean cider Says:

    FYI – You can buy any album on CD of the Imperials entire catalog here:


  8. Dondra Says:

    Sweet Comfort Band — ALL!
    Whiteheart — Whiteheart
    Cruse Family – Cruse
    DeGarmo & Key — Mission of Mercy
    English Band — What You Need

    I’d love to see/hear Voices for Tommy Funderburk’s Lift Up My Voice

  9. Keith Says:

    1) Rez Band – Colours
    2) Russ Taff & Medals
    3) Keith Green – Egypt
    4) SCB – Breakin’ the Ice
    5) Leon Patillo – I’ll Never Stop Lovin’ You

    Like to see – Randy Matthews (I’ve never heard any of his music) & over all more 70’s stuff including…
    Honeytree – Me & My Old Guitar &
    Maranatha Music LPs…

    Thx, K

  10. TMc Says:

    In no particular order.

    77’s – All Fall Down
    Rez – Colours
    Talbot Brothers – Reborn
    Petra – Petra
    Daniel Amos – Doppelganger

    Something to add – John Michael Talbot or Randy Stonehill -Welcome to Paradise

  11. Gary Says:

    5 Favorites

    Barnabas – Feel the Fire
    Matthew Ward – Toward Eternity
    Resurrection Band – Rainbow’s End
    Rick Cua

  12. Gary Says:

    ooops –
    Rick Cua – Koo-ah
    Fireworks – Fireworks

    something to add: Leon Patillo – Dance Children Dance

  13. Gary Shields Says:

    This was tough because I have found so much great music (thank you) but here goes:

    My favorites, In no particular order:

    Sweet Comfort Band- Sweet Comfort-CCM, Jesus Music
    Matthew Ward-Toward Eternity- CCM, Jesus Music
    Resurrection Band- Raindow’s End- Christian Rock, Jesus Music
    Resurrection Band-Colours- Christian Rock
    Petra-Petra- Christian Rock, Jesus Music

    And I would love to find:
    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


  14. Steve Says:

    The Choir – Wide Eyed Wonder / CCM mod Rock
    Altar Boys – When You’re a Rebel / CCM Rock
    Steve Taylor – i predict 1990 / CCM
    Allies – The River / CCM Rock
    Daniel Amos – Shotgun Angel / CCM Rock

    one I’d like to see posted:
    Rick Cua – Wear Your Colors / CCM Rock


  15. Eddie Says:

    top 5 currently posted, in no particular order:
    AD – Art of the State
    Steve Taylor- Meltdown
    Steve Taylor- On the Fritz
    Altar Boys- When You’re a Rebel
    Daniel Amos- Vox Humana

    What i’d LOVE to see posted:
    Randy Stonehill – Stories

  16. Eddie Says:

    OK- couldn’t stop at just 5/1 so here’s another set:

    English Band – What You Need
    Servant- Swimming in a Human Ocean
    77’s – The Seventy Sevens
    The Chior- Diamonds and Rain
    Larry Norman- Only Visiting this Planet

    Would love to see posted-
    Petra – Not of This World

  17. Edward Says:

    DA – Doppleganger
    Barnabus – Feel The Fire
    77’s – All fall Down
    Larry Norman – Only Visiting This Planet
    DA – Vox Humana

    Would LOVE to see
    Solid Rock – Reel2Reel (Please, please, please My copy wore out 20+ yeas ago. Haven’t seen or heard it since. It was awesome.)

  18. David R. Says:

    Talbot Brothers – Reborn
    Mustard Seed Faith – Sail On Sailor
    Sweet Comfort Band- Sweet Comfort Band
    Daniel Amos – Horrendous Disc
    Resurrection Band – Music to Raise the Dead

    It great to hear anything From The All Saved Freak Band but especially Brainwashed [1976]

  19. David S. Says:

    Resurrection Band-Music to Raise the Dead
    Servant-World of Sand
    Leslie Phillips-The Turning
    Geoff Moore-The Distance
    Rick Cua-Midnight Son

    Would like Larry Bryant “The Artist” and “Silent Movies”

  20. Geetarboy Says:

    On the site:

    Leslie Phillips – The Turning (awesome unclassifiable album)
    Margaret Becker – Immigrants Daughter (Pop, becker’s best IMHO)
    Keith Green – the guy is an awesome entertainer and philosopher
    Choir – Wide-Eyed Wonder (alternative, their songwriting starts to mature on this album)
    Russ Taff – Russ Taff (Pop/Rock/AOR – great cover of I Still Believe)

    Would like to see:

    2nd Chapter of Acts – Mansion Builder

  21. Jacob Says:

    Just found the site a month ago, and here’s the five I’ve heard from here that I like the most…so far

    1. Bill Baumgart/The Kindling (great duets and instrumentals; also loved the version of “No More Night”)
    2. Brent Lamb/Tug of War (heard “I’m Not Worried” from my dad’s old radio tapes; a lot of strong stuff there)
    3. Steve Camp/Shake Me to Wake Me (next to Fire and Ice, my all-time favorite Steve Camp album)
    4. Stephanie Boosadha/I Know That I Know (don’t see too much of her stuff around; so I was glad to have a listen)
    5. GLAD/Romans (parents had a second-hand dub with first nine songs; got to hear the last two)

    One I’d like to see…
    Tim Sheppard/I Am Determined (not much of his stuff available; had three video clips of some of the songs from the old Larry Lea broadcasts, which peaked my curiousity about the remaining songs)

  22. Walter Shoup Says:

    Servant “Light Manuevers”

    David Meece “Everybody needs a little help” my all time favorite artist “Are you Ready” is his best album though

    Michael Omartian “Conversations” one of the best piano CD’s ever

    Glen Allen Green “A living fire”

    Roby Duke “Down to business” best christian R&B guy ever

    Need some Dallas Holm for sure

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