Dogwood – After the Flood, Before the Fire

1975 (12 Tracks) 1. All Of You 2. After The Flood, Before The Fire 3. I Don’t Want To Be Deceived 4. If I Forget The Ones 5. It’s The Truth 6. Jesus Is Passing By 7. Journey Music 8. One Lane Road 9.Remember Whose Child You Are 10. Sometime Someplace 11. The News 12. Water Grave

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2 Responses to “Dogwood – After the Flood, Before the Fire”

  1. Oceancider Says:

    Probably too “folky” for most, but this is one of my favorite early Jesus Music recordings.

  2. Tom D. Says:

    I used to listen to this one a lot during my formative teenage years and learned most of the songs on my guitar. Brings back some really great memories. Sigh. Thanks so much for your website.

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