Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize

1991 (15 Tracks) 1. Mission 2. The Judge 3. Fantasy 4. Backbiter 5. He’s All I Need 6. Persuaded 7. Real Thing 8. Word 2 the Wize 9. Uptown 10. That’s How I’m Livin’ 11. We Need Love 12. I Ain’t Wit It 13. Shakin’ Off Dust 14. Keep Goin’/Talk On Your Record 15. The Judge (Instrumental)

Download at Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize


3 Responses to “Dynamic Twins – Word 2 the Wize”

  1. johnny Says:

    I’m so glad to see you posting more stuff. God Bless, johnny

  2. Anonymous Says:

    thanks for this one……..can’t find my cd copy…………..

  3. Gene Sanger Says:

    where can i get your song fantasy id like to get that song please respond where i buy it at thx d2

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