Carman – Sunday’s on the Way

1983 (9 Tracks) 1. The Well  2. Yahweh   3. Sunday’s On The Way   4. Just Like My Jesus   5. We Have Come To Worship Him   6. Gos Don’t Care What The Circumstance   7. Bless The Name Of Jesus   8. His Name Is Life   9. Temptation Boogie  

Download at Carman – Sunday’s on the Way



3 Responses to “Carman – Sunday’s on the Way”

  1. illustrationISM Says:

    Why is CARMAN popping his finger?!?!

  2. Carol Maletta Says:

    At one time I had the 80’s Videos and cassets. I let a church borrow them for the youth programs and never saw them again. Found 2 CD’s
    in my car!!!!

    I never enjoyed anyone’s music more. Not even Elvis.

    I llive in Savannah, GA – love to see concert.

    Attended Concert at Civic Center 1991 – Mustard Seed?

  3. tina aka forrestina vintage Says:

    He gives one HECK of a live show no doubt about it–and always free.

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