Harvest – Only the Overcomers

1986 (10 Tracks) 1. Stand 2. Here I Am Again 3. Only The Overcomers 4. You Alone Are Holy 5. Children, Things We Throw Away? 6. Not By Might 7. Take Me Back 8. The Watchman 9. Choose You This Day 10. Sing About The Blood

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5 Responses to “Harvest – Only the Overcomers”

  1. Jeremy Witte Says:

    Anybody know where I can find more Harvest links?

  2. Oceancider Says:

    This album cover is amazingly similar to one of Lewis McVey’s!

  3. Oceancider Says:

    Oops! I can’t spell. It’s Lewis McVay and the album is Spirit of St. Lewis (that this album cover looks like).

  4. Jeremy Witte Says:

    Was this ever released on CD?

  5. Jeremy Witte Says:

    But I don’t want Lewis McVay yet…. I want Harvest!

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