The Cruse Family – Harmony » Harmony

7 Responses to “Harmony”

  1. Sherrill Says:

    Remember very clearly when this one came out. The did a concert at my college (Howard Payne University) which was a very special treat at the time. Really enjoyed their music. Very inspirational.

  2. mark ferguson Says:

    where can i get this cd?

  3. David Siccone Says:

    Does anyone have a digital copy of “The Master’s Love” or even the sheet music for it? I have not been able to find either.

  4. Ron Stafford Says:

    Can you send me a copy of the lyrics for A New Song. You can e-mail them to

  5. Anonymous Says:

    please!!! someone youtube the songs….I would like to buy cd

  6. Andrea Creath Says:

    I used to own this song book, but it was lost over the years. Does anyone have a copy? I’ve even called Cindy at Lakewood, and SHE doesn’t even have a copy of it!

  7. Larry Hill Says:

    This family has been a favorite of mine over 35 years

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