Dana Key – The Journey

1990 (12 Tracks) 1. We Need A Savior 2. The Outlaw 3. Bow Down 4. Sister (It’s A Mean World) 5. Come To Me 6. Live In The Light 7. Prelude: Here, There Or In The Air 8. Pray For Peace 9. Kingdom Of Grace 10. The Death 11. Up From The Dead 12. Here, There Or In The Air

Download at Dana Key – The Journey


2 Responses to “Dana Key – The Journey”

  1. Rosemarie Says:

    Glad I found this site, it’s brought back lots of memories. Sorry to hear about Dana Key, though. RIP.

  2. Greenchili Says:

    Good choice considering his passing (which I did not hear about till 8 months later. Anywho I always liked Eddie DeGarmo’s solo releases better. Key did another one as well. I forget the name.

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