Joe English – Press On

1983 (10 Tracks) 1. Stop 2. Echoes of the Spirit 3. Royal Priesthood 4. The Harvest 5. Press On 6. Power of Prayer 7. All My Heart 8. Let Me Praise You Again 9. Roll of Life 10. To Know the Heart of Jesus

Downloaad at Joe English – Press On


4 Responses to “Joe English – Press On”

  1. Paul Says:

    Hi. Thanks for this download. Thought you’d like to know it’s got track 10 missing (To Know The Heart Of Jesus).

  2. jessica evrist Says:

    how can i get downloads of Joe english press on mp3?

  3. Jean Says:

    Ooh I loved and still love Joe English. Thank you. They don’t do the lyrics these days as “in the days”. I enjoy it

  4. Says:

    Hi, thanks so much to post these tracks! My brother owned the vinyl lp and I had a copy on cassette, but it’s totally worn out …
    Unfortunately there’s something wrong with track 1 (Stop) — the sound skips just at the very beginning of the second chorus. Is there anyway you could try to upload a ‘clean’ version?
    Kind regards, Martin.

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