Pax – Pax

1982? (12 TYracks) 1. Gonna Live 2. Going Up 3. New 80’s Man 4. Your Money or Your Life 5. Do You Believe 6. All Things 7. Tammy 8. Jesus 9. Soul Security 10. Real Thing 11. Having Fun 12. No Way

Download at Pax – Pax


3 Responses to “Pax – Pax”

  1. Mr. Australia Says:

    Sorry to say but this file is corrupt.
    Extracting the rar file will allow even one track to come through.
    Could you kindly upload again that would be much appreciated.
    Thanks for all these albums to post online.

    Mr. Australia.

  2. cadfly Says:

    It worked fine for me. I downlpoaded it and I get all the tracks fine after I unzip it.

  3. Mr. Australia Says:

    OK strange it didn’t work for me.
    I tried again & downloaded it & I could extract without any problems.
    I don’t know what happened the first time…..weird.
    Glad that I found this album as I have been looking for this album for a few years now…..thanks to you I have now added it to my collection.
    Another blank filled in my collection.
    Keep up the good work my friend.

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