Steve Camp – Justice

1988 (10 Tracks) 1. Justice 2. Playing Marbles With Diamonds 3. Don’t Tell Them Jesus Loves Them 4. Living Dangerously In The Hands Of God 5. Do You Feel Their Pain? 6. Hell Is Burning While The Church Sleeps 7. Great American Novel 8. Servants Without Scars 9. Love That Will Not Let Me Go 10. I Believe In You

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5 Responses to “Steve Camp – Justice”

  1. Саша Says:

    Thanks!!! Steve Camp – its …. ))) Классный исполнитель, одним словом! ))))

  2. Jeremy Witte Says:

    I’m looking for Steve Camp “Start Believin’ Can someone please post?

  3. Jerry Says:

    “Start Believin” is available now.

  4. jheflick Says:

    Along with Keith Green’s music, this has to one of the most challenging Christian albums of all time. Still rings true over 20 years later. Living Dangerously in the Hands of God was and still is a prayer of mine!

  5. Loretta Says:

    This album challenged me and impressed upon me when I was in college.

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