Twila Paris – Kingdom Seekers

1985 (10 Tracks) 1. Runner 2. Center Of Your Will 3. Tellin’ The Truth 4. Language Of Disciples 5. Lamb Of God 6. The Child Inside You 7. It All Goes Back 8. Release The Spirit 9. He Is Exalted 10. Faithful Men

Download at Twila Paris – Kingdom Seekers


3 Responses to “Twila Paris – Kingdom Seekers”

  1. Brother Charles Says:

    Thank you very much.
    God Richly Bless U!

  2. Jacob Says:

    One interesting thing I noticed was a difference in album covers. The LP version shown here used a painting, while the cassette (and probably CD) versions used a photo of Twila (having acquired a cassette version from a thrift store a few years back).

  3. Scott Says:

    It would have been nice if this picture had been use as the cover art of her CD, and had her picture put on the inside of the insert. Great Album to listen to.

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