Keith Green – The Ministry Years Vol. 1

1987 (18 Tracks Disc 1) 1. Because Of You 2. How Can They Live Without Jesus 3. Walk And Talk 4. Run To The End Of The Highway 5. Your Love Broke Through 6. The Victor 7. Thank You Jesus 8. The Prodigal Son Suite 9. Stained Glass 10. Go To The Hungry Ones 11. Love With Me 12. You Put THis Love In My Heart 13. There Is A Redeemer 14. No One Believes In Me Anymore 15. On The Road To Jericho 16. You! 17. When I Hear The Praises Start 18. Asleep In The Light

Download Disc 1 at Keith Green – The Ministry Years Vol. 1 Disc 1

1987 (20 Tracks Disc 2) 1. He’ll Take Care Of The Rest 2. Make My Life A Prayer To You 3. Easter Song 4. When There’s Love (M.y. Remaster) (1.. 6. Pledge My Head To Heaven 7. My Eyes Are Dry 8. Song To My Parents I Only Want To See You There 9. Trials Turned To Gold 10. Dust To Dust 11. I Can’t Believe It 12. To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice 13. Soften Your Heart 14. I Don’t Want To Fall Away From You 15. Here Am I, Send Me 16. I Can’t Wait To Get To Heaven 17. Dear John Letter (To The Devil) 18. Rushing Wind 19. Don’t You Wish You Had The Answers 20. Altar Call

Download Disc 2 at Keith Green – The Ministry Years Vol. 1 Disc 2


2 Responses to “Keith Green – The Ministry Years Vol. 1”

  1. dragul7 Says:

    I highly recommend this one. Gladly, I had an original CD copy and believe me, it’s a great collection, filled not only with hit songs and number ones, but it’s rather a truly, deeply unvaluable collection of a love’s heart for the Lord.

    Do not pass by on this one.

    By the way, does anybody have the radio special of the CD No Compromise: Remembering Keith Green? Blessings.

  2. Ernie43 Says:

    I love these albums!


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