Harvest – Give Them Back

1990 (10 Tracks) 1. Rise Up 2. All That Is In Me 3. Soon That Day 4. His Angels Are Everywhere 5. You Are My Keeper 6. Give Them Back 7. What Are You Singing For 8. I Am Your Father 9. Wash Me Lord 10. Great Jehovah

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2 Responses to “Harvest – Give Them Back”

  1. Jeremy Witte Says:

    More Harvest please?

  2. Matt Kemp Says:

    Thanks so much for posting “Give Them Back”. I listened to this album all the time as a kid and haven’t been able to find it. It’s awesome to listen to an album you haven’t heard in over 15 years and still know it by heart. You Rule!! Thanks so much.

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