Leslie Phillips – Dancing with Danger

1984 (11 Tracks) 1. Dancing With Danger 2. I Won’t Let It Come Between Us 3. Strength of My Life 4. Give ’em All You’ve Got (Tonight) 5. By My Spirit 6. Hiding In The Shadows 7. Powder Room Politics 8. Light of Love 9. Song In The Night 10. Here He Comes With My Heart 11. By My Spirit

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2 Responses to “Leslie Phillips – Dancing with Danger”

  1. Walter Shoup Says:

    She was one of the best it was a shame when she went to secular music. Her duet with Russ Taff is still in my top 10 favorite songs of all time. This is her best album and most powerful.

    Walter Shoup

  2. Loretta Says:

    I loved this album, very inspiring, my favorite was “Strength of my Life”..

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