Benny Hester – Nobody Knows Me Like You

1981 10 Tracks) 1. Come Back 2. No Man’s Land 3. Rubber Canoe 4. You Loved Me 5. Step by Step 6. One More Time 7. Goodbye Salty 8. Real Change 9. Nobody Knows Me Like You 10. Christ The Solid Rock

Download at Benny Hester – Nobody Knows Me Like You


4 Responses to “Benny Hester – Nobody Knows Me Like You”

  1. Evie Brndjar Says:


    My husband used to sing the song – Nobody Knows me Like You Do.
    way back in the early 80’s!
    I would like him to do this again, where can I find the guitar chords
    for him

    Thanks So much. Evie Brndjar

  2. Linda Says:

    how can a get a midi file of this or just the track?

  3. Walter Shoup Says:

    Nobody Knows Me Like You Do is still in my top 10 all time favorite songs of all time as well When God Ran. Benny is awesome!

    Walter Shoup

  4. Greenchili Says:

    Benny! The melody man!

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