Michele Pillar – Michele Pillar

1982 (10 Track) 1. Walk Across Heaven 2. You Were There All Along 3. More Than Just A Man 4. You’ve Known Me All Of My Life 5. Free From The Night 6. Rock Of Life 7. The Things I Hope For You 8. In Nazareth There’s A Carpenter 9. You 10. I Can Do It All By Myself

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  1. ozark ken Says:

    Hi, this isn’t really about Michelle, although she is great! Maybe my situation is as others, here it is. I download periodically from various sites music of interest, but of late, any time I try to download from rapidshare off any site there are no downloads available for non-members. Since I sporadically download, it doesn’t make sense to become a member, hence I try and try but can’t grab music off rapidshare, unless I’m willing to become a member, and pay the monthly or yearly fee. Maybe I’m just cheap? Any ideas? Thanks. Ken

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