Daniel Amos – Doppelgänger

1982 (15 Tracks) 1. Hollow Man 2. Mall (All Over The World) 3. Real Girls 4. New Car! 5. Do Big Boys Cry 6. Youth With A Machine 7. The Double 8. Distance and Direction 9. Memory Lane 10. Angels Tuck You In 11. Little Crosses 12. Autographs for the Sick 13. I Didn’t Build It For Me 14. Here I Am 15. Hollow Man (Reprise)  

Support the artist. Purchase this and other DA recordings at www.danielamos.com


3 Responses to “Daniel Amos – Doppelgänger”

  1. d. miller Says:

    I’d be happy to support the artist, but the album isn’t available on the http://www.danielamos.com webstore!

  2. cadfly Says:

    Yea, I know. Daniel Amos’ management asked me to take down the free link, even though it was not for sale. I had to honor thier wishes…..It sucks though.

  3. Andrew J. Persac Says:

    Thankfully I got this CD years ago, before it got rare. My copy is a bit damaged (the tray liner), but the CD is fine. Hope you find it somewhere…

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