Rick Cua – No Mystery

1983 (10 Tracks) 1. He Lives In Me 2. One Way Out 3. Changed 4. Just Visiting 5. The Power 6. High School Reunion 7. Create In Me A Heart 8. A.S.S.E.F. 9. Bright Light 10. Help Me Out

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4 Responses to “Rick Cua – No Mystery”

  1. Steve Says:

    Chris – I’ve been waiting for this one for a long time – thanks bro! This was one of my first christian albums back in the day.

  2. David A. Says:

    Likewise, I played this tape till it died – what a great album. Not too sophisticated, but super heartfelt & solid – it really helped me out to anchor in Christ when other music was telling me to run from Him.

    God uses so many things to save us – and we should have a fond remembrance of those things, naturally.

    God bless ya,

    David A.

  3. kevin sackett Says:

    Rik Cua fantastic bass player i want no mystery, riks firs album and the way love is. I have been a fan of Riks forever.I use to have no mystery in the 80s on lp.

  4. Greenchili Says:

    Always wondered why they lowered the audio during the guitar solo on “Help Me Out”.. was this to make the song more “acceptable”?

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