Bryan Duncan – Strong Medicine

1989 (9 Tracks) : 1. Let Me Be Broken 2. Recognize a Lover from a Thief 3. Stand in My Place 4. Strong Medicine 5. Don’t Ya Wanna Rap 6. Inside Out 7. Lies Upon Lies 8. Hand it Over 9. Wonderful  

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  1. Ray Says:

    I have been trying to locate a group called “Harvest”, I had their tape and borrowed it to a friend and never got it back. I’ve searched high and low, can’t find any info on these guys. One song I remember was titled “Give Them Back.” Ron Hutchcraft had a radio program called Saturday Nite Alive back in the late 80’s/early 90’s, that is where I heard their music. If you have any info on where I could find a tape or anything about them, please reply back, I’d be so pumped! Thanks and God Bless!!! Ray

  2. poiemajeremiah Says:

    Chris has several Harvest albums here, has a few… I got a few from a friend from youtube posted on mine.
    Between us 3, I dare say you could get their stuff from 1979-1990. (I can’t find their stuff past that time period)

  3. Greenchili Says:

    Bryan D touring the world with the egono band! lol. There is actually a video for that song on Youtube. Check it out.. 😀

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