WhiteHeart – WhiteHeart

1983 (10 Tracks) 1. Hold On 2. You’re the One 3. Listen to the Lonely 4. He’s Returning 5. Carry On 6. Guiding Light 7. Everyday 8. No One Can Take This Love 9. Black is White 10. Ninevah

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  1. john Says:

    glad to see your site is still around, thought we’d lost another great site for a moment! I’ve been looking for an old album by Chris Christian with the song “Why should the devil have all the good music” on it, not the Larry Norman song but a nod towards it is mentioned in the lyric. I have not been able to find it anywhere, so I thought i’d ask if you knew of it?
    Keep on with the good work and hope this finds you well

  2. mrofone Says:

    That is on the album “Live at Six Flags”. I am embarrassed to admit that I have a copy of it. I ripped it from cassette to MP3, so the sound quality is not great. That album wasn’t recorded that well to begin with. If you want me to send you that song I can. Remember, it is a live version of it.

  3. Dkd1154 Says:

    I dont think chris christian sang Why should the devil have all the Good Music the only person sang was Geoff Moore

  4. Dkd1154 Says:

    other than Larry Norman

  5. Brother Charles Says:

    Thank you very much & God Bless U! I so thank God for this site. I just found it today. — Luv in Jesus, Bro. Charles

  6. Walter Shoup Says:

    This is a great album best Steve Green ever sounded except when he did an album with The New Gaither Vocal Band. I would love to get that one MP3 I still have the vinyl of it.

  7. Greenchili Says:

    White Heart? Steve Green? Wha? Boy was I surprised at that combo (my 1st WH album was Vital Signs). Anywho overall it’s a pretty decent album and certainly and example of the writing ability of smiley and gersh.

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